COTOPOLY - polyester and cotton core spun sewing thread



Fibre sewing threads COTOPOLY join irreplaceable qualities of cotton and polyester fibre together. The high-strength polyester silk forms a basis of simple yarn, and it is covered with a long-fibre combed cotton. In this way manufactured simple yarn is twined into a raw semi-product of the sewing fibre. Then follows two-phase colouring in modern high-pressure colouring apparatuses and the colouring process is fully automated. There is applied a sewing adaptation with subsequent laboratory test. As result, there are sewing fibres with cotton qualities and with strength of polyester silk. It is ideal for sewing of cotton products and their mixtures, product of bast fibres and for all products, which require cotton qualities. They meet all requirements of modern highly efficient sewing.


It is suitable for sewing of domestics, shirts, blouses, towels, products of knitwork, women's and men's clothing, sportswear.


The high strength enables sewing of medium heavy clothing, workwear, sportswear, sports products, quilts and jeans products.

COTOPOLY 50 Tensile strength almost 30N ensures consistent mold joints for heavy clothing.

Table of physical and mechanical properties

label no.
(count TEX)
Average tensile
strength - N
Relative strength
Average breaking
elongation - %
120 (12,5x2) 11,4 42,9 17,3
80 (20x2) 18,8 47,1 19,3
50 (20x3) 29,8 48,3 19,4